Software and services

Software and services

Maximize the business value of the network lifecycle, and

Service programs and Software managing Nokia Equipment

Working with Nokia Partners are required to become accredited to offer maintenance services by meeting training certification, process, tools, business/delivery performance requirements, which vary by Service Offer (Nokia Brand of Service, Co-Branded Service, Partner-Branded Service), with accreditation being per technology.

Service Offer

Service Scope of Responsibilites

Maintenance Services: Nokia Branded Service

Partner sells, Nokia provides remote tech support and equipment repair/exchange

Maintenance Services: Nokia/Partner Co-Branded Service

Partner sells and provides service desk and L1 coverage, Nokia provides remote L2-L4 tech support and equipment repair/exchange

Maintenance Services: Partner Branded Service

Partner sells and provides service desk and L1/L2 coverage, e Desk and L2 TAC, Nokia provides remote L3-L4 tech support and equipment repair/exchange

Nokia Management SW

Datacenter network Management

Our Network Services Platform (NSP) helps you automate your IP, optical and microwave networks to simplify your operations, respond quickly to fast-changing demand, get the most from your resources and ensure maximum service performance and reliability.
NSP answers your need for more responsive, efficient and reliable networks with:
A complete suite of ready-to-use applications that help your network operations teams cover all use cases for network management, orchestration and control
An SDN resource controller that lets your network engineering teams control the network and optimize traffic in real time
An open programmable platform that enables your engineers and developers to automate network operations and ease integration with orchestrators and operations support systems (OSS)

Wifi Devices Management

The Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller (NWCC) is a cloud-based solution that provides Wi-Fi management, radio resource management (RRM) optimization, and Wi-Fi insight visualization capabilities. The NWCC can be hosted on public cloud, private cloud or dedicated servers.
The cloud-based approach for NWCC enables the RRM algorithms to have a holistic view of the network, and to combine information from multiple APs in a neighborhood to assemble a complete, cohesive view
of APs, channels, clients and system performance—both real-time and historically. In cases where the NWCC is unable to obtain certain metrics from a specific AP, the algorithms piece them together from other managed APs in the neighborhood. This enables the NWCC to work with already deployed, potentially less feature-rich APs, as well as next generation APs.

Fixed Networks

Lightspan and Altiplano Management System
Nokia Fixed Networks is the recognized market leader in fixed access solutions. Our strategy is to enable our customers to deliver ultra-fast broadband to more people, more quickly – and with the fastest return on investment.
We are happy to announce the introduction of the new Lightspan fiber small form factor OLTs (MF-2 & DF-16GM) fiber access nodes, designed to power next generation massive scale access. The new access platforms, based on the in-house chipset Quillion, are designed for 5G transport, residential, business, and aggregation for distributed deployments. With the new platforms, you can choose from the following PON technologies: GPON, XGS-PON and 25G PON.

The new nodes natively support software-defined networking together with Nokia’s access domain controller, the Altiplano Management system (Altiplano NMS or Altiplano Access Controller).
This enables your customers to streamline operations and make use of automation to bring new services quicker to the market and benefit from what software-defined access can offer.

Optics SW

5520 Access Management System
The Nokia 5520 Access Management System (AMS) delivers a complete element management solution for the Nokia Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) family of DSL and fiber-based broadband access products. Service providers benefit from a significant OPEX reduction and a customizable solution.
The 5520 AMS can rapidly adapt to support new products and services while shielding a service provider’s operations support system (OSS) from the access network complexity. The 5520 AMS provides all the management needs for configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting through an intuitive GUI. It also offers seamless integration into an OSS environment with XML/SOAP or TL1 northbound interfaces backed by an OSS interoperability partner program.


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